Forehand Progressions of Tennis


Tennis is a social and a fun sport to play. It takes time to master the fundamental elements of tennis which involves watching and active participation in the actual game. Tennis beginners therefore need the help and support of professionals and training. Straining at the beginning should not be a defining factor to discourage a newcomer.

tennis racket

tennis racket

With hard work, practice and determination one can be able to reach a competitive standard of playing. The tennis forehand progression when one establishes and understands the basic principles of tennis such as: scoring, basic strokes, use of forehand and backhand shots and also how to swing the tennis racket which is achieve through the use of the whole hand.

Learn How to Hit the Shots

The first progression procedure is a series of how to hit the shots. Position yourself inside the court’s baseline and near the centerline. Put your feet at the same width of the shoulders, while holding the racket at about the waist level directly in front of you. Bend the knees slightly and position yourself to hit the ball thrown towards you.

The first step is to enhancing the forehand progressions by constantly practicing how to position your wrist and the angle to use while striking the tennis ball. The next important thing is to ensure you have a strong grip of the tennis racket so as avoid the resulting of errors in the cause of the game.

The next step is to position yourself in a manner that you can see clearly where the ball is coming from. Here there is the swing and follow through progression where the topspin stroke is reverse so that the ball is swung and hit in the opposite side of the players head. The next progression is to track the ball by observing your opponents moves.

More Forehand Progression Technique

Another forehand technique is to time the ball thus making powerful shots and a rhythmic procession of the game. The feel of the served shots is also something to put into consideration. The amount of energy exerted while playing may give an added advantage since the move will not be anticipated by the opponent.

Last but not least the finish or the full motion forehand progression will enable you to be in complete domination of the game giving it a superb finality. After all these have been applied then you will experience and note an improvement in various areas that were weak.


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