Fundamental Tennis Forehand Serve


What is important to know about forehands is that first and foremost understand the things that are entailed in a tennis court: the goals of the sport, the equipment(tennis balls, nets, rackets) the players, the scores and score boards, rules and regulations and most importantly how to improve the players skills.

tennis serve

tennis serve

One fundamental essential is to know how placement is done that is: how well you play the ball. You should understand that the moves you make bounce the ball quickly or not. While practicing on a wall stay two to three feet away from the wall while hitting the ball. Endeavour to make a lot of victory even though it may just be practice this will give little or fewer errors during the actual game by the use of this strategy.

Eye on Your Opponent

Each time pay keen and special attention to your opponent’s position on the court. Ideally your opponent will find it difficult to run down a ball that is far for them to reach. Gradually develop finesse in playing drop shots which bounce off. Move towards shots that do not rebound back far into the court. Master how to administer a drop shot while your opponent is too far back in the court. With the improvement of finesse victory is next to sure.

The secret to avoiding hitting the ball into the air is to strategize so that the next person can keep up with the ball. Playing at the corners gives the players opportunity to use the forehand and backhand often while running.

Grip Your Racket Tight

It is also fundamental to keep a firm grip on the racket ensuring that it is perpendicular to the floor so that the racket operates at the front without touching the ground. The racket should be held in a slight upward angle to counter fewer errors from hitting the floor, the fun is to let your opponent make the errors.

As a player learn where your opponent usually hits from and where they stand mostly. By using anticipation of their next move begin moving in that direction that is by expecting to be in time when the ball bounces back.

Watch the angle that your opponent uses to hit the ball this knowledge will help in knowing where the he intends to send the ball. Lastly avoid hitting the floor while trying to get the ball low because missing causes you an error.


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