Joola Midsize 182cm 91cm Table Tennis Table


If you are having limited space in your house but still would like to seek for a chance in playing the game of table tennis with your family, housemates or friends. Here you got your dream come true as there is Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table available in the market that specially serve you with this purpose. The table is a folding table tennis table and having just two-thirds the length of a standard ping pong table. For the height, it is having the same height with the standard ping pong table. This Joola Midsize table is separate into 2 foldable halves. This allow you to use it as 2 tables for different activities. The separated table also make it easy for storage when not in use.

joola midsize 182cm 91cm table tennis table

joola midsize 182cm 91cm table tennis table

Some Details and Advantages of the Table

In numerous ways, this particular table tennis table provides multiple advances over a full size one. The materials that used to manufacture the table is very good in quality. When you get the table, you just need to fold iout the legs of the table and everything is done. The net that come together with the table is of good quality as well and you may just need a little time to assemble it. The table top is remarkably good which provide great bounce for each ball stroke that hit on the table.

For me, I have played the ping pong game for many years and I always hesitated to decide whether want to buy a fullsize or midsize table. I finally make up my mind by placing order at Amazon for this Joola Midsize ping pong table and I’m pleased for making the right choice since I am not a professional player and I just treat this as a recreation activity for me and my family. I set this table up inside one of my bedrooms and it just fit in nicely. My kids are having a good and enjoyable time especially during cold winter season where they stay in house most of the time and can do some exercise to kill the time. This for sure is a lot better for my kids to spend their time on video game.

In addition, the construction of the table is very solid. As I mentioned before, the table is separated in two halves and you can easily clamp these 2 halves together with the available net clamps. You can read some reviews from consumers who bought this table claim that there is a minor defective of this table due to the legs just have an angle brace on each side. This make the table not stand still as a standard fullsize table tennis table.

Features of Joola Midsize 182cm 91cm table tennis table:

– Dimensions: 72L x 36W x 30H inches
– Can be used as 2 separate multi-use tables
– Regulation height
– Folds for easy storage
– No assembly needed

– Need to buy balls and paddles separately
– Not ITTF approved


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