Train Without Overstrain in Jogging


Tips to Start

It is best to start running on the grass, because it softens pushes, that is not indifferent for big people. Our legs are working hard and before adaptation they merit rapt attention. Trainings on the grass give muscles and joints the chance to strengthen and to develop. Moreover you must strengthen your will-power in order to show it in first difficult period, when in future you will be faced to unexpected pains and blisters.

Alternate jogging with walking

Remember one old Chinese proverb: «One step – it is a beginning of long journey». Start your journey to the healthy heart.

jogging training

jogging training

The longest step that you can do is equal around to one meter. Now run 25, 50 or 100 meters. Any of these intervals can become your first distance. If previously you have never trained, start with 25 or 50 meters. After you have run the chosen distance, walk it three times. Go fast, breathe deeply, with head erect and with straightened shoulders, waving your hands. Deep breathing is very important. Remember that you go in for sports, in order to give heart more oxygen.

If you run every day, continuous blood pressure on the vascular walls gives them elasticity, increasing their ability to shrink, and therefore allows to increase the stream of blood. A simple thing, but it is a major step toward getting rid of unnecessary excess cholesterol.

One heart authority in London told me, that any person, who will run 15-30 minutes each day during the year, can expect to double the volume of main arteries. This is a way for a strong heart.

Breathing activity (during walking, running, etc.) requires more energy. The body creates this energy, burning food, with the assistance of oxygen. Organism can store food, using it of necessity, but it can not store oxygen.
Most of us create enough energy to perform routine daily work, but when loads are increasing, the body can not cope with the overload. The reason is that funds for the delivery of oxygen are limited. That’s exactly what separates the health from ill health.

Healthy heart

Running requires large quantities of oxygen, which body takes to all cells. Even if you are not active and weak, simple walks and light exercises will help you improve blood circulation and to ensure more vigorous consumption of oxygen.
Healthy heart is like a good car: you can drive it far and fast without breakages, but you need periods of rest and preventive check. Just as repaired car needs correct operation, then heart requires good conditions at any age. I run every day, and my heart becoming stronger and stronger. I start my daily program with 100 – meter, and then I walk this distance. After warming up, I run 200, then 300 and 400 meters. Always after jogging, I walk the same distance. Thus, I never overload my heart.

The secret of a strong heart – is a good blood circulation.

When some part of circulatory system is weaken, billions of cells of the body deprived of oxygen and nutrition. With the end of feeding these cells will be automatically destroyed. This can happen in heart, in brain, in lung, kidney, skin and in other parts of the body.

Remember, you lose those cells of the organism that are inactive.

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