Bariatric Equipment – An Essential Home Tool For Obese People


Obesity is a growing problem throughout the western world and as a result of the increase in obesity new equipment is constantly being developed to make life easier for obese people when they are in their homes.

Experts can spend endless hours debating the causes of obesity but all that conjecture will not solve the problem and the fact remains that the number of obese people continues to grow.

bariatric equipment

bariatric equipment

However, help is at hand for those with an excessive weight problem because now there is all sorts of home equipment which can help sufferers of obesity to maintain their dignity and independence by being enabled to use their homes effectively.

So what type of equipment is available to help obese people in their homes, read on to find out:

Items that are designed to increase independence and mobility for obese people is known as bariatric equipment. Some of the different types of equipment available includes:

Grab Rails

Grab rails can be placed around the home and are specifically designed to take the weight of an obese person meaning that they can easily pull themselves up to a standing position and use rails placed at various points to help them get around without using a wheelchair.

Shower seats

Reinforced shower seats are great showering aids so users can sit down and shower easily without the help of others, maintaining dignity and increasing independence.

Rollator Walkers

Heavy duty rollator walkers allow obese people to be able to walk around their homes and outside using the support of the reinforced roller.


Hoists designed to take large weights can be used in the home to help get obese people in and out of bed or in and out of seats.

Pressure relief beds

Pressure relief beds are designed to relieve stress on joints and lessen the risk of things like bed sores which can be caused by spending long periods of time in bed.

Adjustable beds

Reinforced adjustable beds can be used with a remote control to gently raise users into a seated position, making it easier for them to get out of bed.

Remote controlled chairs

Sitting for long periods of time can become uncomfortable and cause aches and pains. Most people would deal with this problem by shifting around to find a comfortable position but this can be hard for obese people.

Remote control chairs help users to adjust their position to alleviate aches and pains and lessen the risks of medical conditions caused by long periods of sitting.

Accessible shower enclosures

Extra large shower enclosures can be fitted into bathrooms so that obese people can easily get in and out of the shower. These can also include grab rails, shower seats and anti slip floor strips to increase safety.

If you have an obesity problem or know someone who is struggling with obesity then try implementing some bariatric equipment to increase independence, maintain dignity and make life easier.


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