Add on Lift Kit on A Golf Cart


f you’ve got a golf cart and nothing better to do with it, then you might already be considering whether you would like to lift the cart’s suspension to give it some more all-terrain capability. You would be wise to do so. While golf carts are in themselves inherently boring, lifting one gives you an inexpensive opportunity to enjoy a golf cart the way they should have been made in the first place. Don’t most golfers spend more time in the rough anyway?

golf cart

golf cart

First Step of Installing Lift Kit

The first step of installing a lift kit on a golf cart is, of course to put the cart on a solid, stationary surface. Unless you intend to do the work in a single day, don’t plan on doing it in the yard. Number one, you’ll lose bolts that you’ll never find again in the grass and dirt, and two, Murphy’s Law says that as soon as the cart is immobile, it will rain. Do it in the garage, if you can. Cinder blocks will work fine once you’ve got the cart jacked up to hold the weight of the cart up in position while you do the work, but make certain that you use four if you’re holding up the entire cart, or two if you are doing two at a time. Either way, make certain that the cart is supported well. It won’t matter how heavy it is if it falls on your head, it’s going to hurt.

What’s Next?

When the cart is in the air, remove the wheels and then the suspension one corner at a time. Replace the parts individually, one at a time, being careful to retain all the parts you’ll need to put everything back together, including all bolts, bearings, and cotter pins. You won’t want to be running off to the hardware store mid-project.

The kit will be comprised of several parts, but not too many. For instance, one particular Yamaha lift kit which retails for approximately five hundred dollars gives ten inches of lift and includes entirely bolt-on parts. These parts generally comprise extended drive axles, frame stiffeners, and suspension parts, but little else. Taking care of the lift one corner at a time will allow you to bolt the parts up in an organized fashion, so that you don’t get lost in the build. With all the suspension put back together, bolt the wheels back on and take the cart off of the blocks. With all said and done, go find a mud hole to play in!


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