What is the Throw Angle of Butterfly Tenergy


A breakdown of the definition of throw angle by Greg Letts

One of the tenergy club member recently asked what is low, medium and high throw, so before I answer this question it is important to have a look at what google already has on offer to give us a definition of throw angle.  OK I am searching now searching now and…..

Oh wow, the number 1 ranked explanation is by my mate Greg Letts, our About.com Guide! Great we are going to be in for a deep treat now.

(All in italics is Greg Letts work)

Definition: The throw angle of a rubber is whether the rubber tends to ‘throw’ the ball higher or lower when making the same stroke.

  • Totally agree with this first sentence.

Given the same return from your opponent, and the same stroke by you, a rubber that puts the ball in the net is considered to have a ‘lower throw’ than a rubber than puts the ball on the table. For the same circumstances, a rubber that puts the ball off the end of the table is considered to have a ‘high throw’.

  • I’m not totally happy with this though.   What lands on your opponent’s side of the table depends on your skill level and what you are used to.  A ball going into the net could mean your rubber is too tacky or slow and will not reach their side.  It could also mean your blade is too slow for the rubber.  The most incorrect part of the explanation is the part about going off the end of the table.
  • A ball will often go off the end of the table no matter which throw you use.  It all depends on stroke.  Low throw rubbers go off the table more because Low throw is considered faster with less spin.  They are faster since they go from A to B in a straight line.   But because they have less spin and can only draw a straighter line, the choices of ball placement are much less, and are pretty much confined to near the base line.  Low throw rubbers are usually not recommended for players wanting to learn to loop.  Low Throw rubbers are hard to loop onto the table because the rubbers a harder and has less spin to arc the ball.  Low throw rubbers also must be taken from the height of the bounce to be attacked.

You will sometimes hear players talk about ‘degrees of throw’ – basically a rubber than puts the ball low has a low degree of throw, and vice versa. Generally, low throw rubbers have degrees of throw in the 30s, while 40-44 degrees of throw is roughly a medium throw rubber, and higher than 44 degrees of throw is typically considered a high throw rubber. These numbers are not exact, and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This throw angle is not an exact science (contrary to what you might think from reading on the various forums!), but more of a comparative feel between different rubbers.

  •  What ever you do, don’t make a mistake of reading the degrees listed above as the degrees you find on a table tennis rubber packet.  Every time I have ever heard the word degree used in numbers it has never been about throw angle.  For throw angles we just say low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high.  Something like that.  Any numbers as listed above are ridiculously misleading. The softer the sponge or the lower degrees of sponge hardness – for example a 30 degree sponge usually gives a higher throw angle degree.  So when it says 30 degrees on the packet the throw angle is higher.  So when you read on the packet 45 degrees, this is a harder rubber with a higher degree of hardness but a much lower throw angle.
  • If you are not sure of which hardness to buy always go the middle path and don’t forget that your blade will also alter how it plays.

A rubber with a high throw is not better or worse than a rubber with a low throw, it is just different.

  • Well said

Generally, low throw rubbers are considered to be easier to play with against topspin, while high throw rubbers are supposed to be able to lift backspin over the net more easily.

  • Not so well said.  Tenergy 05 rubber has an incredibly high throw angle and Tenergy 05 or 64 are the best counter topspinning rubbers on the market.  Low throw rubbers are best know for their more hit or drive style of play and because they require the user to contact the ball at the top of the bounce, they are best suited to players very close to the table.  Tenergy 25 is an example of that.
tenergy 05 rubber

tenergy 05 rubber

I would recommend a high throw rubber to a beginner before a low throw, especially if the beginner wants to learn to loop.



Bariatric Equipment – An Essential Home Tool For Obese People


Obesity is a growing problem throughout the western world and as a result of the increase in obesity new equipment is constantly being developed to make life easier for obese people when they are in their homes.

Experts can spend endless hours debating the causes of obesity but all that conjecture will not solve the problem and the fact remains that the number of obese people continues to grow.

bariatric equipment

bariatric equipment

However, help is at hand for those with an excessive weight problem because now there is all sorts of home equipment which can help sufferers of obesity to maintain their dignity and independence by being enabled to use their homes effectively.

So what type of equipment is available to help obese people in their homes, read on to find out:

Items that are designed to increase independence and mobility for obese people is known as bariatric equipment. Some of the different types of equipment available includes:

Grab Rails

Grab rails can be placed around the home and are specifically designed to take the weight of an obese person meaning that they can easily pull themselves up to a standing position and use rails placed at various points to help them get around without using a wheelchair.

Shower seats

Reinforced shower seats are great showering aids so users can sit down and shower easily without the help of others, maintaining dignity and increasing independence.

Rollator Walkers

Heavy duty rollator walkers allow obese people to be able to walk around their homes and outside using the support of the reinforced roller.


Hoists designed to take large weights can be used in the home to help get obese people in and out of bed or in and out of seats.

Pressure relief beds

Pressure relief beds are designed to relieve stress on joints and lessen the risk of things like bed sores which can be caused by spending long periods of time in bed.

Adjustable beds

Reinforced adjustable beds can be used with a remote control to gently raise users into a seated position, making it easier for them to get out of bed.

Remote controlled chairs

Sitting for long periods of time can become uncomfortable and cause aches and pains. Most people would deal with this problem by shifting around to find a comfortable position but this can be hard for obese people.

Remote control chairs help users to adjust their position to alleviate aches and pains and lessen the risks of medical conditions caused by long periods of sitting.

Accessible shower enclosures

Extra large shower enclosures can be fitted into bathrooms so that obese people can easily get in and out of the shower. These can also include grab rails, shower seats and anti slip floor strips to increase safety.

If you have an obesity problem or know someone who is struggling with obesity then try implementing some bariatric equipment to increase independence, maintain dignity and make life easier.

Andrew Wiggins finds Zach LaVine for the alley-oop slam against Knicks (VIDEO)



The Timberwolves may have had to rush out and sign a guy within driving distance of New York just so they’d be able to suit up the minimum of eight players required for Thursday night’s contest against the Knicks.

But two of them might be cornerstones of the franchise for years to come.

Andrew Wiggins is working on finishing up a Rookie-of-the-Year-type season, and Zach LaVine has already gained national attention by winning the Slam Dunk Contest.

The two connected on a nice alley-oop play that gave LaVine the opportunity to once again show off his leaping ability in NYC.

The reverse angle in slow motion is even more impressive.

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Basketball Training Principles, What Are They?


In spite of the fact that the basketball game is the American creation for a lot of European countries it has already become native. For example in Latvia people consider that basketball training is their national activity. Basketball has become the base of the whole physical training system for children there. And boys and girls start to play basketball since their young ages.

basketball training

basketball training


The Different of Basketball with Other Sports

As the distinct from other team plays (the hockey, the football, the rugby and even the handball) the basketball workout is more democratic, intelligent and the less contacting activity. In other words players are not as aggressive as in other sportive games. That’s why the basketball game is safer than other ones. Of course except of the American professional elite league. But from the point of view of the safety the semi – professional and dilettante sportive crews (for example from the different training camps) are worse because the majority of these players have the level of the technical training lower than their ambitions and the desire to win.

Sport is the sport. People who think that only serious and professional sport can be bad for the health are wrong. More often players get various injuries at the intermediate or even the beginning level of the training lessons. And it concerns not only the basketball but also all the sportive games, because usually people don’t have any necessary health, experience, technical training or different training tips but they all want to win or if only to play a little.

Professionals (including the basketball players) usually have the tall height but they are very cultured guys. Professionals can’t play rudely because of their professional interest and experience. It is characterized all the types of the sportive games including games with balls.

How to Play?

How to play basketball and when is it better to start? As the complex physical practices special exercises can be used since the childhood to very old ages. And the long – lived practice lets us be sure in this. In the whole world people plays basketball since they were children and everywhere the old people’s basketball crews are popular. Basketball workout can let give the ability for playing. It means that it can help to keep up the level of the moving activity for people who can’t continue to sit at the fixed positions for all the time. You can decide to use the basketball training equipment or not to do this. If you decided that you want, you will have not to forget about special basketball trainers which can help you to do the various drills at training.

Basketball Practices


Basketball is among the most widely used games on the planet. Actually, it only comes a detailed second to soccer. From makeshift basketball courts within the roads of Puerto Rico or Lithuania towards the monolithic Madison Square Garden of recent You are able to City USA, this course of action-packed pastime has taken the hearts of diehard fans around the world and also the fascination from the human psyche for over a century. Whether being an average person that shoots some hoops in the neighborhood ring, an enthusiastic spectator from the Opposing team, Bulls or Celtics, or as professional National basketball association athlete plucked via a lucrative yet competitive draft, everybody just wants a bit of the experience if this involves basketball. But what’s the origin of basketball?



The foundation of basketball traces to Springfield, Massachusetts USA. The planet can all thank Dr. James Naismith for achieving what others before him unsuccessful to complete–design an extensive, fun yet challenging game that initially introduced together teenagers who’d otherwise have bided their time throughout the lengthy winter several weeks of 1891 alone inside. Knowing very well the toll winter leads to the outside activities from the youth in the Worldwide Youthful Men’s Christian Association Training School, the ingenious Sports And Physical Eduction professor that praised from Canada secured lower and began to define the initial group of rules of a game title he first known as ‘Basket Ball.’ He resourcefully utilized football and pitched a peach basket high on a 3.05m (10 foot.) elevated track–the archetype to present day legendary basketball backboard and ring. With the foot of the basket eventually hollowed, the very first official the game of basketball ever began in The month of january 20, 1892 in a walled-in gymnasium of what’s known today because the YMCA.

In the origin of basketball being an offseason indoor leisure exercise devised to help keep teenagers agile throughout the tough winters, to present day celebration from the eponymous ballgame with the FIBA World Titles in a global scale, basketball went a lengthy way since its humble origins inside a quaint Colonial town. So the next time you play basketball, consider where it originated from, how it is roots are and what history it’s,

Basketball net

Basketball net

you may also benefit from the sport more. Be sure to warm-up and stretch before playing too! Basketball is really a fun, awesome game, ideal for kids and grown ups alike. Teens in senior high school always love playing basketball, it combines strenuous exercise with fun like not one other sport or activity does. For children who’re inactive, basketball could possibly get them in gear.

Different Sports Available
You will find a number of sports available. Most of them are wonderful not just like a competitive event but being an exercise that provides our physiques a good work out. After I think about which sport will be the single best sports exercise, I would need to consider several factors. Can the game or activity by carried out by anybody anytime? Do you want special equipment to do the game? Could it be costly to sign up within the sport? Is it necessary to have someone to experience the game or are you able to also play this sport individually? With individuals factors in your mind, I would need to choose basketball because the best single sport for exercise.

Now, cycling, track and area (particularly the sprints occasions), volleyball are a handful of other sports which are fantastic. But, cycling requires special equipment (e.g. a cycle/bicycle). Most of the track and area occasions require that you simply run inside a track. Volleyball requires several people to sign up in. Basketball could be practiced easily, and you don’t need a lot of people- it is possible individually. You just need a basketball along with a spot to shoot your basketball. Most parks and schools possess a basketball court to shoot the ball around.

If you’re playing basketball individually, time you to ultimately monitor your health and fitness level. Spend a minimum of half an hour (as well as an hour or so if you possess the time). Now, additionally to shooting set shots around, you are able to shoot jump shots to obtain a more better workout. Then, perform a lay-ups to create your exercise routine better still and efficient. You should do lay-ups because you need to obtain a quality anaerobic workout. If you’re just shooting set shots all day long, you won’t get because a good work out. Perhaps you have notice when you’re playing basketball that you simply often shoot more set shots- instead of “driving lower the lane”. Lay-ups make playing basketball a number of sprints and bursts of speed. Whenever you miss the shot, sprint for the ball to obtain a much better workout. It doesn’t matter should you made all of your shots or maybe you skipped all of your shots. The important thing for you to get an excellent workout playing basketball is by using every part of the overall game- jump shots, set shots, and lay-ups.

Basketball game

Basketball game

You will find a great deal sports that you could participate for the reason that could make you feel and look better. You might not reach the National basketball association. But, you are able to flourish in your physical fitness and well-being. Pretend that you’ll allow it to be within the National basketball association and play some basketball.

Even when you haven’t been a fan of sports, you’ve most likely still performed just a little basketball. It is a perfect sport, really, as basketball could be performed by people of all ages, in almost any place in the world, with just a few people or perhaps a whole group. You may also enjoy basketball on your own if you wish to. Clearly, you’ll need a number of people collected together in teams to experience an “official” bet on basketball. But basketball could be loved outdoors the b-ball court, too, and may be a terrific way to simply acquire some exercise while honing fundamental motor abilities and hands-eye coordination. These aspects make basketball an excellent sport to obtain your children began in when they’re very youthful. Don’t limit these to waiting to test for that school basketball team-you will get your children began learning the abilities imparted by basketball from the moment they are able to walk potentially before that.

Backyard Basketball

The good thing about basketball is the fact that it’s not necessary to get access to an expensive court or costly equipment, while you use another popular sports. All that you should have a little basketball is really a ball along with a ring. It does not even need to be considered a regulation ring, unless of course you intend for doing things for “serious” basketball games, too. You are able to use a partial basketball court in your backyard, as well as simply use a ring alongside your front yard. Don’t have the means to use a permanent basketball ring? Not a problem. Obtain a portable one. They are available in a multitude of styles and dimensions. They are pretty affordable, too!

Once you have your basketball ring and surface established, simply appreciate it. You are able to shoot some hoops on your own, together with your kids, as well as play an incomplete game together with your pals. Casual basketball is really flexible that you could enjoy it in a number of ways.

Start Them Youthful

Basketball leap

Basketball leap

Even kids can enjoy basketball, plus they most likely benefit the best from the abilities found in the overall game. Start your children out youthful through getting them a little, portable basketball ring and exercise simple abilities together like dribbling a basketball, passing and shooting. These basketball hoops are made to grow together with your child up to and including point, in order your children grow, the ring could be progressively elevated until they will be ready to play basketball with full-sized equipment.

You will get your kids began learning a few of the important abilities trained by basketball even before getting them a ring. Motor abilities and hands-eye coordination are produced by simply understanding how to handle a basketball.

Practice Anywhere

Among the finest reasons for basketball is when versatile the overall game could be. Shooting abilities could be practiced anywhere-even in the home. You are able to install small basketball hoops on the rear of doorways, etc. for casual shooting practice anytime!

The overall game of basketball has existed in excess of a century. It may be performed almost anywhere, by nearly anybody. So, get available and shoot some hoops!

Among the finest sports these days is Basketball. It’s truly an worldwide sport and worldwide it’s the world’s second biggest spectator sport simply to Football. Probably the most popular and broadly seen sports in the world.

Basketball is performed in several nations including U . s . States (in which the sport arises from) and China. It’s as a result a genuine Olympic sport. Basketball is really a major team sport that’s performed at great pace. People follow their favourite teams having a passion and there’s always great competition between your teams from different metropolitan areas and nations.

The earth’s most powerful league is unquestionably the National basketball association, with a quantity of quite strong, effective teams. As my loved ones are dispersed throughout most of the U . s . States we often stick to the Boston Celtics and La Opposing team. Most of the world’s best gamers participate in the National basketball association. They are available from everywhere. Gamers get compensated the very best however they need to be among the very best to have the ability to compete within the No. 1 finest league. The conventional of quality and ideal play is extremely high.

The United States game is slightly not the same as all nations worldwide including Europe and also the relaxation around the globe. It’s 8 minutes longer overall. It is commonly faster having a much greater average quantity of points obtained in each game. Most games are greatly exciting and also have a inclination to become busy with non-stop action.

Worldwide games are performed with 4 quarters of ten minutes adding up to 40 minutes while National basketball association games are performed with 4 quarters of 12 minutes adding up to 48 minutes. There’s a 15 minute break at half-time with 2 minutes permitted for that other breaks.

Each Basketball match is performed between 2 groups of 5 gamers who make an effort to score points against one another. The aim at either finish of the court is 10 feet high (3.048 metres). You are able to pass bounce (dribble) the ball. Physical contact is penalised. Another team is granted one or two Free throws. You are able to score 3 points from the lengthy-range shot, 2 points from a typical basket score and 1 point from each Free throw obtained.

Basketball is a superb team sport that may be performed both indoor and also on outside courts.

As every day passes by, my daily routine got its toll on me. I start working, return home, see my loved ones and everything i actually do appears to choke my private break since i have had limited couple of hrs to myself every day. However, i began to cash out time despite my pressed schedule. Are you finding time for working out?

What’s your schedule like, are you currently busy much like me? I’ve a large number of people from different avenues of life. I watch individuals who operate in different places and who’re involved in different activities. Some operate in offices, construction firms, dental practitioners and so forth. My interaction with one of these individuals have proven me the issues of Fitness, going on a diet and use are stuff you do only if suggested with a professional. To those people, issues to become an ace athlete remains for individuals who’re born to win, individuals who’re athlete from birth. But there’s no such factor. Each individual determines what he becomes after research on any sports or activity. Besides, the problems of going on a diet and fitness is definitely an problem that needs to be present with just about anybody. The reason being this fact determines how lengthy or short your existence is.

Many people who desire to be top sports athletes hardly dream of doing much better than sports stories who’ve been. They feel these folks possess the monopoly to be a legend. But actually this isn’t the situation. These stories made themselves and they’re not really much better than you, in reality in lots of ways you are able to stand out a lot more than them. Should you seriously apply hardwork, you also could be a better ace athlete.

Let us use Jordan like a example. Michael is really a sport legend in our time. He’d accomplished a lot of achievements that lots of people think doesn’t seem possible to attain. However, he slowed down lower as he discovered he’d the deadly disease known as Helps. The Media came and the world have these details at their tips of the fingers. Then there is a pause in the achievement also it appears everybody stopped listening to him, including you reading through this short article.

However the fact is although it may appear that he’s no more just like he was once just before his infection, he’s waxing more powerful and repel dying, for the reason that he keeps using themself with techniques to enhance his health insurance and continue with what he’s always excelled in – Basket balling, despite the fact that he was at the chance of dying.

Thus he’s become probably the most courageous and inspiring star in the area and the legend will survive hundreds of years after his demise. So he’ll never quit as quiting might even become more more risky for him.