Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review


In case you happened to be looking for an outdoor table tennis table that can withstand with all sorts of weather conditions, then you can consider of getting this Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table.

The table is cater for anyone who love to play the game of ping pong outside of their house. The blue table top that features in this table look very neat and clean. The frame is coated in sharp white color and it is attach to a sturdy transportation system in the casters.

Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

You can have the table in full assembled. When you have the table fully setup, you can play the game and have it store easily after play. The playback system is having in place from the separately folding halves. With such design, your kids can have plenty of time to practice the game and improve the skill in very short time.

The folding parts as well as assembly system of the two halves make most of the customers feel happy when they get the table. This table is firm and very sturdy. It is of heavy duty and you will expect the table to last for very long time. As an outdoor table set, it is constructed with weatherp;roffing surface and also surdy aluminium frame.

Net and Post Provided

Not like some other tables where you need to buy the net and post separately, The Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table is having the net and post send to you together when you buy the table. This can ease your life and you play the game right away once you have it setup.

The table is constructed of premium outdoor grade material and it will stand for heavy duty as well as different weather conditions. It is readily to get through the time with you and you can have all the equipment of the table to still functioning well after couple of years. The post is specially built with a threaded clamp attachment system and the purpose for it to be designed in this way is to ease you to put on and take off.

More Features

When you receive the table, you will be able to enjoy playing the game outdoor and inhale the fresh air. The composite aluminum plastic table top is coated with blue to that is of 6mm thickness. The silk screen tournament lines is designed with the consideration of withstanding the outside environment. The material being used in manufacturing the table is warping resistant.

In addition, the table can also resist to rust with its powder-coated metal undercarriage. The frame chassis boat steel legs with levelers are good in supporting the table. The trolley system wheels are features with ball bearing casters and locks. This make the casters very sturdy and very easy for you to move them anywhere.

To further improve the bounce quality, the table is as well featured with anti-tilting action. Moreover, you can also find the 1.5” steel apron and a 2-piece folding design for the table.

Thus, there are a lot of people recommend this Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table because of the great chain reaction here. The table is very good looking and the transportation of the table is a breeze. You can find this table is rather easy to move without much effort. And the best thing after all is the benefit of the quick play function.

If this table is not what you looking for, you may refer to this best outdoor table tennis table reviews on various other ping pong table models and pick the right one for yourself.


How to Build a Ping Pong Table


Ping pong or table tennis, as the sport is called, is played on a table of 9 feet in length, 5 feet in width and 2.5 feet in height, according to the rules of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The ping pong table should be made from masonite or similarly manufactured timber, having a layer of smooth, low-friction coating. The table is divided into two halves by a 6 inch high net.

build tt table

build tt table

Normally, the ping pong table is manufactured as several separate parts that could be easily assembled into a fully functional ping pong table. A standard ping pong table consists of the following components.

  • A 5/8 inch black top with edgebanding and striping
  • A 2 inch steel support apron
  • 1½ inch round steel legs
  • 2 inch double wheel castors
  • Corner pads for added protection and to prevent snags
  • A 66 inch tension adjust performance net and posts
  • A paddle pouch
  • Playback and storage positions

In a few competition ping pong tables, the steel support apron is made of ¾ inch steel. The steel legs are of 1 inch self-opening ‘U’ type. The chassis is provided with a support panel. Most of them contain a 1 inch tournament grade blue laminate top and a 2¼ inch wood support apron for extra table support and a 2 inch square self-opening legs, as well as 4 inch ball bearing wheel castors for easy mobility. Nearly all the ping pong tables are provided with leg levelers on the bottom of the legs, so that the levelers could be screwed in or out to maintain the height of the table at its standard 2.5 feet above the floor.

The most famous ping pong table manufacturers are Stiga, Joola, Tibhar, Butterfly, Killerspin, and Kettler, as well as the first table tennis equipment manufacturer, Jaques. All of them have several models that suit the level of the player. Learners could use the cheaper models that contain ¾ inch table tops, while the more serious tournament level players could opt for the costlier models that have 1 inch thick tops.

The finish on the table top should be smooth and even, without patches or rough spots. Normally, high density resin laminate tops of melamine are used in ping pong table construction. Further, according to the ITTF rules, the ball should bounce a minimum of 23 cm in every spot of the top, when a standard ball is dropped on the top from a height of 30 cm.

If you wish to construct your own ping pong table, there are several sites on the Internet that provide details of the construction as well as the tools and materials required for the construction. Even the large-scale retailers like Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, and Home Depot have all the supplies required for the construction of a ping pong table. Such a ping pong table could be home-constructed for about $75 or even less. The main tools required for ping pong table construction are a circular jaw and an electric drill. The do-it-yourself ping pong table construction details are available on the Internet for about $10 and they provide step by step format that are easy to follow and execute, with ample illustrations of color photographs and diagrams.

The History of Ping Pong Rackets


The game of ping pong today has suffered a couple of modifications from its original form that the English military officers in the late nineteen century first played. Back then only the aristocrats and high class society members were able to play what was known as Whiff-Whaff or Gossima. However, nowadays everyone around the globe can play the game of ping pong because all you actually need is an empty table and a couple of ping pong rackets. Ping pong can be played by both recreational and professional players as it is a sport that has been admitted into the Olympics since 1988.

The very first game of ping pong was played with whatever those bored military officers found in their reach. Therefore, the first ping pong rackets consisted of cigar box covers, the net was created out of a careful arrangement of a pile of books, while the balls were carved out of champagne corks. However, nowadays the equipment necessary for playing the game is affordable and can be found virtually in any sport store. Nonetheless, bored people that are too lazy to go to the store still improvise, even though the quality of a ping pong game played with books as paddles and a paper ball is not the same.

table tennis history

table tennis history

Because the cigar box covers used as ping pong rackets were very unpractical and imprecise, the need for the first official paddles was imperious. The early tennis table bats were manufactured out of cardboard that was covered with sandpaper, cloth and even leather. Other early models included rackets in the form of small drums that had velum stretched over the casing. All these early models of different sizes would normally create a sound that nowadays is known as ping pong.

However, the very first ping pong rackets that can be considered the ancestors of the modern paddles were developed in the early twenty century. Goode had the idea of creating a paddle from gluing together two sheets of pimpled rubber on a wooden blade. Soon after he designed this paddle the first unofficial ping pong championship took place and twenty years later the idea of an official tournament and a ping pong association was born.

Soon after ping pong started having official tournaments in England, in the USA B. Hock started exploring the different ways this game can be played, thus the first defensive paddle was designed. Even though the defensive ping pong rackets were stiffer and could be adapted to offensive playing styles as well, Haroi Satoh though that he can introduce more fun into the game if the paddles were to make the ball spin more. Thus he designed the first foam rubber paddle that allowed the game to be played faster and with more spin.

Ever since Haroi Satoh’s paddle was designed, the game captured the attention of more and more people. This game is such an attraction that billion dollars industries exist only from manufacturing ping pong equipment. Nowadays it is even considered normal for a household to have a ping pong table if they have the space to deposit it.

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Benefits of Table Tennis For Family Entertainment

ping pong

ping pong

Table tennis table has come as one of the greatest sources of family entertainment. Although spending time to family is vital to keep the family happy, alas, the contemporary busy lifestyles of people have made people unable to spend some quality times with family members to provide them happiness and entertainment. What more, some people quest for entertainment source which is least expensive to enjoy. For example, seeing movie with family at a theater or visiting at museum to see the historical aspects of things stored in the museum are expensive sources of getting entertainment with family.

However, getting involved with sports particularly the indoor ones, is a great way to enjoy family reunion and have utmost fun. Table tennis is one of such games that people of all ages like. Further, table tennis table is also very cheap to buy.

Cost of Ping Pong Table

While talking about the cost of table tennis table, you will be surprised to know that it is very cheap and so, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you are going to purchase it. Once you purchase table tennis table, it will become a great source of family entertainment and you can spend hours to enjoy the game with your family members. Further, the game of table tennis also ensures your hygienic safety and during the play, you get exercise too.

One of the salient benefits of table tennis game is that it is compatible to people of all age groups. Players from children to adult and young players to the elderly can participate in the game of table tennis. However, elderly with physical disabilities should not participate in playing table tennis.

Everyone Can Play The Game

Each member of your family can participate in the game of table tennis. By playing the game of table tennis, they will also hone their skill through consistent practice. More so, the table tennis game brings your family members together with a sense of intimacy.

To maintain the consistent bond of love among family members, it is vital to spend some quality times with them. Even your young ones will be raised into adolescent immature person with an urge to play certain game with siblings. Under such circumstances, table tennis game is one of the greatest mediums to fulfill the desire of your children and make them happy. More so, you will also instill good lesson of sportsmanship to your family persons.

Hence, table tennis game, with so many benefits, is must have sport in every family. Therefore, you should buy table tennis table to ensure that your family gets a good source of entertainment.

Basic Skills in Table Tennis


Are you a beginner and would like to know the basic skills in table tennis or ping pong.

You need not look any further…. Let me show you how…


You want to know the difference between ping pong and table tennis?

table tennis basic

table tennis basic

So what are the basic skills in table tennis? The basic skills of table tennis include the simple table tennis serves and basic table tennis strokes.

The basic table tennis serves are the topspin serve and backspin serve while the basic table tennis strokes are the forehand and backhand drive, forehand and backhand push, forehand and backhand block.

If you are a beginner, you do not need to know the advance skills or techniques, what you need are simple skills for table tennis.

However before you start to learn the basic skills in table tennis, there is need for you to already know the basic table tennis rules for beginners.

What You Need to Know

Playing table tennis is very interesting and exciting but you might not fully appreciate the sport if you do not know the basic table tennis skills.

So if you are serious about learning how to play table tennis or ping pong and you want to learn the basic skills, my advice for you is that you should take your time and go through some basics of table tennis.

You will find valuable information about how to improve your table tennis skills by knowing the basics.

Knowing about Table Tennis

By learning the basic table tennis stroke, you will learn in details how to play the forehand and backhand drive. Besides, you will understand how to play the topspin and backspin serve as well.

You can also check out the article about the basic table tennis rules for beginners. In this article you will find out the basic rules that you need to know if you are just starting to play ping pong.

Other Important Table Tennis Skills

Apart from knowing how to play the basic table tennis strokes and simple table tennis serves for beginners, it is also very important for you to master your table tennis grip style.

The table tennis grip is the style of which you hold or handle your table tennis paddle.

Finally, you have to know how to choose the right table tennis equipment for you to be able to play the game of table tennis.

The most important table tennis equipment for beginners is the table tennis racket.

Pick A JOOLA Table Tennis Table for Yourself


Are you an enthusiastic table tennis player? If your answer is yes, then buying the best table tennis table that best suit your need would be the first step that you would have to take. Now the question that can arise in your mind is which table tennis table you should choose for? Well…if you are looking for the best one, a Joola table tennis table would certainly be the right choice for you. The table that you would choose is dependent upon the available space, so carefully determine the space that is available to you for the installation of the table. Your needs and your budget will also determine the right kind of table tennis table. The correct size of the table tennis table is around 9 by 5 feet. If you choose a folding table tennis table, you will need more space to assemble the table.

Joola table tennis table

Joola table tennis table

Different Price Range for the Tables

The table tennis tables on the market are available in different price ranges, styles and surfaces. The most important factor that you have to keep in mind, while choosing the right Joola table tennis table is the bouncing quality. However, if you are opting for tables that manufactured by Joola, then quality would not be a problem for you. Generally, a 1 inch table top is considered to be the standard thickness of table top for international competition. Nevertheless, some thinner tops of the table tennis table are quite commonly provided from many companies for the cheaper tables range. Thus, you need to choose carefully according to your needs.

The table that you wish to have should have robust legs to provide the necessary stability. You should always remember that the table tennis table that you buy will be used by everyone so buying a superior quality table is recommended (provide a good quality table tennis experience to your near and dear ones).

Folding Tables

The table are also available in folding styles, so you need not worry about the storage of your table when they are not in use. You should chose the ones that can be folded easily. A table tennis table provides great opportunity for fun as well as exercise. Therefore, if you have always been a table tennis lover, now it is the time to buy a table tennis set so that you can become a serious player. Stability, smoothness and nice table surface should be the most important factors that you should consider while purchasing the table tennis table.

Joola Midsize 182cm 91cm Table Tennis Table


If you are having limited space in your house but still would like to seek for a chance in playing the game of table tennis with your family, housemates or friends. Here you got your dream come true as there is Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table available in the market that specially serve you with this purpose. The table is a folding table tennis table and having just two-thirds the length of a standard ping pong table. For the height, it is having the same height with the standard ping pong table. This Joola Midsize table is separate into 2 foldable halves. This allow you to use it as 2 tables for different activities. The separated table also make it easy for storage when not in use.

joola midsize 182cm 91cm table tennis table

joola midsize 182cm 91cm table tennis table

Some Details and Advantages of the Table

In numerous ways, this particular table tennis table provides multiple advances over a full size one. The materials that used to manufacture the table is very good in quality. When you get the table, you just need to fold iout the legs of the table and everything is done. The net that come together with the table is of good quality as well and you may just need a little time to assemble it. The table top is remarkably good which provide great bounce for each ball stroke that hit on the table.

For me, I have played the ping pong game for many years and I always hesitated to decide whether want to buy a fullsize or midsize table. I finally make up my mind by placing order at Amazon for this Joola Midsize ping pong table and I’m pleased for making the right choice since I am not a professional player and I just treat this as a recreation activity for me and my family. I set this table up inside one of my bedrooms and it just fit in nicely. My kids are having a good and enjoyable time especially during cold winter season where they stay in house most of the time and can do some exercise to kill the time. This for sure is a lot better for my kids to spend their time on video game.

In addition, the construction of the table is very solid. As I mentioned before, the table is separated in two halves and you can easily clamp these 2 halves together with the available net clamps. You can read some reviews from consumers who bought this table claim that there is a minor defective of this table due to the legs just have an angle brace on each side. This make the table not stand still as a standard fullsize table tennis table.

Features of Joola Midsize 182cm 91cm table tennis table:

– Dimensions: 72L x 36W x 30H inches
– Can be used as 2 separate multi-use tables
– Regulation height
– Folds for easy storage
– No assembly needed

– Need to buy balls and paddles separately
– Not ITTF approved