Crazy Tricks You Can Do with Your Legs


Soccer Tricks Looking for a few great soccer tricks that will make you a star player? The following soccer tips will help ensure you place on the team!

Step Over. The step over is a trick that is effective but does require practice. If you are in a bind on the pitch you can buy some time or use the trick to lead your opponents the wrong way. The step over is simply cross one foot over the as though you are going a different direction and then quickly turn back to the direction you were heading.

soccer penalties

soccer penalties

The Marseille turn. The Marseille turn is a great trick and is done by throwing your body between the ball and your opponent when you‘ve hit the ball a bit too hard and your opponent goes for it.

One of the oldest soccer tricks is the scissor which is also very effective. When you control the ball with a scissor your opponent must keep his concentration focused on the ball at all times.

With a few good soccer tricks you can control the game much better as any great soccer player such as Pavel Nedved or Zinedine Zidane would tell you!

The different penalties in soccer set by FIFA

The game of soccer consists of penalties, which are mostly awarded to the team or the player of a team whenever there is violation of the rule of the game. The following are some of the penalties in the game of soccer.

1. Touching the ball with hands: This is when a player touches the ball with the hands during the play. This penalty results into a free kick.

2. Technical penalties: These are mostly awarded when the players violate the technical rules of the game.

3. Imepding progress: The referees mostly award this when a player from one team hampers the progress of another player from the other team.

4. Disrespect: A penalty is awarded to the team or the player when a player shows disrespect to the players during the game.

5. Dangerous Play: A penalty is awarded to a player or a team when a player indulges into dangerous play deliberately to stop the progress of the opponents.

These were some of the penalties involved in a game of soccer. If you are a soccer fan, then it is important for you to know the rules of the game so that you don’t violate them.

The 11m mark for penalties

Penalty kicks in a game of soccer are awarded to a team if the opposite team commits fouls and penalties. A team in a game of soccer gets penalty kicks when the other team commits a foul in the penalty area.

The penalty area is anywhere around 18 yards from the line of the goal. The player who suffers the foul gets a penalty kick. To shoot a penalty kick, the ball is placed around 12 yards away from the line of the goal. The fouled players kick the ball towards the goal, which is guarded only by the goalkeeper.

The penalty kicks are one of the best chances for the players in a team to score a goal and to give their team a goal. This was all about the penalty kicks provided in a game of soccer. The nature of the game provides a lot of fun and excitement to the players as well as the viewers. It is due to this fun and excitement that soccer has become one of the most popular games in the entire world.


Special Gear that Helps Soccer Athletes


Every sport has its own unique equipment. The same thing applies for soccer. The game of soccer contains the equipment, which include shinguards. The shinguards are made from rubber, plastic. The shinguard are completely covered by socks.



The other compulsory equipment, which is involved in a game of soccer, some of these include the numbered jersey, socks and shorts.

The equipment in a game of soccer is mandatory as they protect the players from injuries, which they might incur on the field due to the nature of the game, which involves taking the ball from the opponents.

This was all about the equipment used in a game of soccer. If you are one of those people who loves to play soccer, then it is advisable that you purchase the equipment so that you are able to make the most out of the game without falling prey to any kind of injury.

The fun and excitement of the game of soccer has made it one of the best sports in the world played by millions of people.