Benefits of Table Tennis For Family Entertainment

ping pong

ping pong

Table tennis table has come as one of the greatest sources of family entertainment. Although spending time to family is vital to keep the family happy, alas, the contemporary busy lifestyles of people have made people unable to spend some quality times with family members to provide them happiness and entertainment. What more, some people quest for entertainment source which is least expensive to enjoy. For example, seeing movie with family at a theater or visiting at museum to see the historical aspects of things stored in the museum are expensive sources of getting entertainment with family.

However, getting involved with sports particularly the indoor ones, is a great way to enjoy family reunion and have utmost fun. Table tennis is one of such games that people of all ages like. Further, table tennis table is also very cheap to buy.

Cost of Ping Pong Table

While talking about the cost of table tennis table, you will be surprised to know that it is very cheap and so, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you are going to purchase it. Once you purchase table tennis table, it will become a great source of family entertainment and you can spend hours to enjoy the game with your family members. Further, the game of table tennis also ensures your hygienic safety and during the play, you get exercise too.

One of the salient benefits of table tennis game is that it is compatible to people of all age groups. Players from children to adult and young players to the elderly can participate in the game of table tennis. However, elderly with physical disabilities should not participate in playing table tennis.

Everyone Can Play The Game

Each member of your family can participate in the game of table tennis. By playing the game of table tennis, they will also hone their skill through consistent practice. More so, the table tennis game brings your family members together with a sense of intimacy.

To maintain the consistent bond of love among family members, it is vital to spend some quality times with them. Even your young ones will be raised into adolescent immature person with an urge to play certain game with siblings. Under such circumstances, table tennis game is one of the greatest mediums to fulfill the desire of your children and make them happy. More so, you will also instill good lesson of sportsmanship to your family persons.

Hence, table tennis game, with so many benefits, is must have sport in every family. Therefore, you should buy table tennis table to ensure that your family gets a good source of entertainment.


Basic Skills in Table Tennis


Are you a beginner and would like to know the basic skills in table tennis or ping pong.

You need not look any further…. Let me show you how…


You want to know the difference between ping pong and table tennis?

table tennis basic

table tennis basic

So what are the basic skills in table tennis? The basic skills of table tennis include the simple table tennis serves and basic table tennis strokes.

The basic table tennis serves are the topspin serve and backspin serve while the basic table tennis strokes are the forehand and backhand drive, forehand and backhand push, forehand and backhand block.

If you are a beginner, you do not need to know the advance skills or techniques, what you need are simple skills for table tennis.

However before you start to learn the basic skills in table tennis, there is need for you to already know the basic table tennis rules for beginners.

What You Need to Know

Playing table tennis is very interesting and exciting but you might not fully appreciate the sport if you do not know the basic table tennis skills.

So if you are serious about learning how to play table tennis or ping pong and you want to learn the basic skills, my advice for you is that you should take your time and go through some basics of table tennis.

You will find valuable information about how to improve your table tennis skills by knowing the basics.

Knowing about Table Tennis

By learning the basic table tennis stroke, you will learn in details how to play the forehand and backhand drive. Besides, you will understand how to play the topspin and backspin serve as well.

You can also check out the article about the basic table tennis rules for beginners. In this article you will find out the basic rules that you need to know if you are just starting to play ping pong.

Other Important Table Tennis Skills

Apart from knowing how to play the basic table tennis strokes and simple table tennis serves for beginners, it is also very important for you to master your table tennis grip style.

The table tennis grip is the style of which you hold or handle your table tennis paddle.

Finally, you have to know how to choose the right table tennis equipment for you to be able to play the game of table tennis.

The most important table tennis equipment for beginners is the table tennis racket.

How to Play Golf: A Beginner’s Guide


On a recent vacation to Florida to visit my in-laws, we played golf with my husband’s father who is ninety, healthy, with an active mind. These are the primary reasons we took up the game. Golf is a good reason to take a walk in a variety of beautiful settings around the country and abroad, many times with beautiful gardens or baskets of hanging flowers provided by the women in the community, and lakes that attract wildlife. Although walking doesn’t provide good cardiovascular exercise, although some courses do provide some amount of uphill climb, the walk does stretch muscles and allow gravity to bear the weight necessary to prevent osteoporosis. Golf also provides a social setting that many people use to form friendships and business contacts. And playing the game while traveling will introduce unusual people from all walks of life. The game is sufficiently challenging to exercise mental muscles needed to calculate distances, select the proper club, use the proper stroke, play the changing course conditions, and avoid hazards. Strategy is essential as is focused concentration.

swing golf

swing golf

First Practice

Golf is not an easy game. My first year of play, I found myself crying on several occasions when I got too tired, was treated rudely by more experienced players, or became so frustrated that I wanted to scream. But all the reasons mentioned above provided the motivation to stick with it. My advice is start, don’t give up, and don’t allow anyone to make the game easier. Also start in the fall and play off-season to avoid frustrating more experienced players. The pace of the game is slower and you’ll have more time to make mistakes and learn.

The first time I played, I went with my husband’s parents. The first lesson I learned about golf came from my eighty-year-old mother-in-law, who weighed a hundred ten pounds at the time. Body strength and size is not a requirement to get a good clean shot. To get a good clean shot, all that is needed is to bring the club squarely to the ball and follow through. The club does the work. Many people have an awful time learning to hit the ball correctly because they want to pound that ball 300 yards and think that by swinging fast or powering through that they can make it go further. This is not true. Doing the above will only pull you off your center and make you miss the ball, or make you slice or curve. A steady, even stroke, with your head perfectly still and your eye on the ball throughout allows the club to do its work and make your shot straight.

Golf Clubs

When you start playing golf, the first thing you need to do is buy golf clubs. Don’t buy expensive clubs to start. That way if you quit, you haven’t wasted very much money. An adequate beginner’s set will cost about $100 with $30 for a bag and $50 for a pull-able cart. Use the driving range to practice all of your shots. I started by only practicing my drives with a 3 wood until I could get a clean, arching shot off the tee. I then added hitting all my irons. Later, I added a 7 wood and then a 5 wood.

Other costs include a glove for $10, tees, a visor or hat for under $30. Golf shoes are optional many places and I find tennis shoes or hiking boots for wet conditions do nicely. Proper dress includes shorts, slacks, and shirts with collars. Some places require you to tuck your shirt into your pants.

Golf can be expensive, but there are many public golf courses with senior, junior, sunset and early riser rates that can help save on course fees. Also, some courses have season passes that allow you to play as much as you want. Don’t feel like you have to join a private club with huge joining and maintenance fees to start.

Use Your Wrists to Swing a Golf Club

The primary reason most people don’t do well when they start playing golf is their wrists are unused to the weight needed to swing a golf club. To cure weak wrists, swing those clubs and do push ups. I was exhausted after walking nine holes and hitting the ball the maximum ten times every hole when I started, but I pushed on to do all eighteen holes every time. Play golf and you learn what you need to know. Learn endurance and you master the game. Play badly placed balls and you learn judgment. If you try to hit a ball through trees, you are likely to hit the trees. Your four iron plays the flattest arch of any club and is good for getting you out from underneath low branches. Additionally, a 7 iron or a pitching wedge with the edge of the club held flat to the ball will produce a low arch for shorter distances.

Practice at a driving range also builds wrist strength. It costs less for a bucket of balls; about the number you’d play during 18 holes. The driving range also teaches you the average distance your club will drive a ball. Learn to calculate which club will bring you the distance needed. For most women, that means hitting your best driver off the tee, your longest wood until near the green and whichever iron will get the proper distance. I also use a 7 wood or 6 or lower iron instead of a 5 wood when I’m in thick rough or in flat sand or need to have a higher arch to get me over a river or up a hill.

Learn Putter

Additionally, most courses and driving ranges have a putting range. Use these to learn how your putter works. Again, power doesn’t help. Use the stroke to vary the distance the ball will travel. If a foot long back swing moves the ball ten feet, a six-inch back swing will likely move the ball 5 feet. On every course you visit, before the game starts, practice knowing how far the back swing will move the ball. The varying conditions of length, wetness, sanding, uphill and downhill slopes, and plugging will affect how far the ball will travel.

That’s it. Learn to hit the balls under every condition and golf becomes the most challenging sport ever imagined. I remember laughing at people watching the game on television thinking it the most boring game in the world. But watching others play teaches you many of the tricks of the game. And taking a lesson from a pro never hurt anyone. And the best news is, if persistent, the game can be played for many, many years.

Add on Lift Kit on A Golf Cart


f you’ve got a golf cart and nothing better to do with it, then you might already be considering whether you would like to lift the cart’s suspension to give it some more all-terrain capability. You would be wise to do so. While golf carts are in themselves inherently boring, lifting one gives you an inexpensive opportunity to enjoy a golf cart the way they should have been made in the first place. Don’t most golfers spend more time in the rough anyway?

golf cart

golf cart

First Step of Installing Lift Kit

The first step of installing a lift kit on a golf cart is, of course to put the cart on a solid, stationary surface. Unless you intend to do the work in a single day, don’t plan on doing it in the yard. Number one, you’ll lose bolts that you’ll never find again in the grass and dirt, and two, Murphy’s Law says that as soon as the cart is immobile, it will rain. Do it in the garage, if you can. Cinder blocks will work fine once you’ve got the cart jacked up to hold the weight of the cart up in position while you do the work, but make certain that you use four if you’re holding up the entire cart, or two if you are doing two at a time. Either way, make certain that the cart is supported well. It won’t matter how heavy it is if it falls on your head, it’s going to hurt.

What’s Next?

When the cart is in the air, remove the wheels and then the suspension one corner at a time. Replace the parts individually, one at a time, being careful to retain all the parts you’ll need to put everything back together, including all bolts, bearings, and cotter pins. You won’t want to be running off to the hardware store mid-project.

The kit will be comprised of several parts, but not too many. For instance, one particular Yamaha lift kit which retails for approximately five hundred dollars gives ten inches of lift and includes entirely bolt-on parts. These parts generally comprise extended drive axles, frame stiffeners, and suspension parts, but little else. Taking care of the lift one corner at a time will allow you to bolt the parts up in an organized fashion, so that you don’t get lost in the build. With all the suspension put back together, bolt the wheels back on and take the cart off of the blocks. With all said and done, go find a mud hole to play in!

Untouchable Baseball Records


Records, especially baseball records, are made to be broken, but there are some baseball records that will never come close to being topped. Everyone immediately thinks of Joe DiMaggio’s baseball record 56 game hitting streak when the sport’s benchmarks are discussed, but that baseball record is child’s play compared to some of the others that have been standing the test of time. Pete Rose came relatively close to Joltin’ Joe’s most cherished of baseball records with his own 44 game stretch, but the baseball records that I am talking about will never be approached as closely as Rose eventually got to DiMaggio.

Pete Rose

Let’s start off with a pair of baseball records that Pete Rose does own, a pair that will live long after he is gone and the debate whether he should be in the Hall of Fame has died down. They are the two baseball records that help to make him a Cooperstown candidate to begin with; Rose’s 4,256 base hits and his 3,215 singles. Neither of these baseball records is in jeopardy, ever. To accumulate that many hits, a player would have to average 200 hits for over 21 years. Rose himself played 24 seasons, and had 200 or more hits ten times while setting his extraordinary baseball records. He needed to play to age 44 to finally surpass Ty Cobb’s baseball record of 4,189 base hits. The closest active player right now on the all-time hits list is 39 year old Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros. He has over 2,800 hits, still seven full seasons of 200 hits a year from the baseball record! As Rose piled up the hits, the singles mark was passed; Cobb also lost this baseball record to Charlie Hustle. To show how far out of reach the singles record is, the only player active since 1965 with more than 2,400 singles was Rod Carew, who smacked 2,404 of them, still 800 short of the baseball record. By the way, Rose also holds another baseball record that will not be touched, his 14, 053 total at bats. Biggio is the only active player with more than 9900, and would need to play about eight and a half seasons to top Rose.

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds holds the single season home run record of 73 and is within sight of Hank Aaron’s Holy Grail of baseball records, 755 round trippers for a career. Bonds may very well achieve this, but the mere fact that he has reached Ruth and Aaron means others could too, especially a slugger like Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees. Bonds does hold one of the baseball records though that will never be broken, and to garner it he never had to swing his bat. Barry Bonds has been intentionally walked 624 times as I write this, a baseball record by so much over the next player that it borders on the ridiculous. Only nine other players in the history of baseball have been intentionally walked on more than 200 occasions; eight of those are in the Hall of Fame and the other two, Bonds and Ken Griffey Jr, will someday be. But Barry Bonds’ baseball record of 624 free passes on purpose is 331 ahead of Hank Aaron’s 293! In other words, the difference between the two is more than Aaron’s original baseball record was! Bonds also has the baseball record of over 2,300 total bases on balls that is secure for the ages.

The baseball record for the most triples, described as the most exciting play in baseball, belongs to one Sam Crawford, a Hall of Famer who must have been very exciting. “Yahoo Sam’s” nineteen year run in the majors ended in 1917, and he wound up with 309 three-base hits. Next on the list is Cobb at 295, not that far off, but then you have to go all the way to 252 to find the third man, Honus Wagner. To show how far beyond reach this baseball record is, consider that Rose had only 135 triples to rank at 75 on the list, and that there are no active players in the top 100, which ends with Lloyd Waner’s 118! How rare are large numbers of triples? Roberto Clemente and Willie Wilson are the only two players since 1965 to finish their careers ranked in the top sixty.

Enough about baseball records concerning hitting; there are several pitching marks that are out of harm’s way forever. Cy Young holds a bunch of the most obvious of these baseball records; most wins (517), losses (316), batters faced (30,058), complete games (749), and hits allowed (7092). Take my word for it. You could go into suspended animation for the next 200 years and find that these baseball records are still intact when you are thawed out.

Walter Johnson, the “Big Train” of the Washington Senators, holds a baseball record that may be the most impressive of this entire group of unbreakables. Over the course of his twenty one campaigns, he tossed 110 shutouts. Pete Alexander is second on this roster of greatness with 90, then Christy Mathewson with 79. What about currently active players taking a shot at this baseball record? If you consider Roger Clemens active, since he may or may not come back, then you can see his total of 46 shutouts is not even 42% of Johnson’s total whitewashings. Of the top ten active leaders in shutouts, only Pedro Martinez is under the age of 37. The Dominican right hander has tossed 17 heading into 2006. The Cardinal lefty Mark Mulder is the active leader under the age of thirty; he has 8! If you do the math, you can see a pitcher would have to throw 5 shutouts a season for 22 years to equal Johnson’s 110, making his mark the most certain not to be topped of all existing baseball records.

Pick A JOOLA Table Tennis Table for Yourself


Are you an enthusiastic table tennis player? If your answer is yes, then buying the best table tennis table that best suit your need would be the first step that you would have to take. Now the question that can arise in your mind is which table tennis table you should choose for? Well…if you are looking for the best one, a Joola table tennis table would certainly be the right choice for you. The table that you would choose is dependent upon the available space, so carefully determine the space that is available to you for the installation of the table. Your needs and your budget will also determine the right kind of table tennis table. The correct size of the table tennis table is around 9 by 5 feet. If you choose a folding table tennis table, you will need more space to assemble the table.

Joola table tennis table

Joola table tennis table

Different Price Range for the Tables

The table tennis tables on the market are available in different price ranges, styles and surfaces. The most important factor that you have to keep in mind, while choosing the right Joola table tennis table is the bouncing quality. However, if you are opting for tables that manufactured by Joola, then quality would not be a problem for you. Generally, a 1 inch table top is considered to be the standard thickness of table top for international competition. Nevertheless, some thinner tops of the table tennis table are quite commonly provided from many companies for the cheaper tables range. Thus, you need to choose carefully according to your needs.

The table that you wish to have should have robust legs to provide the necessary stability. You should always remember that the table tennis table that you buy will be used by everyone so buying a superior quality table is recommended (provide a good quality table tennis experience to your near and dear ones).

Folding Tables

The table are also available in folding styles, so you need not worry about the storage of your table when they are not in use. You should chose the ones that can be folded easily. A table tennis table provides great opportunity for fun as well as exercise. Therefore, if you have always been a table tennis lover, now it is the time to buy a table tennis set so that you can become a serious player. Stability, smoothness and nice table surface should be the most important factors that you should consider while purchasing the table tennis table.

Bariatric Equipment – An Essential Home Tool For Obese People


Obesity is a growing problem throughout the western world and as a result of the increase in obesity new equipment is constantly being developed to make life easier for obese people when they are in their homes.

Experts can spend endless hours debating the causes of obesity but all that conjecture will not solve the problem and the fact remains that the number of obese people continues to grow.

bariatric equipment

bariatric equipment

However, help is at hand for those with an excessive weight problem because now there is all sorts of home equipment which can help sufferers of obesity to maintain their dignity and independence by being enabled to use their homes effectively.

So what type of equipment is available to help obese people in their homes, read on to find out:

Items that are designed to increase independence and mobility for obese people is known as bariatric equipment. Some of the different types of equipment available includes:

Grab Rails

Grab rails can be placed around the home and are specifically designed to take the weight of an obese person meaning that they can easily pull themselves up to a standing position and use rails placed at various points to help them get around without using a wheelchair.

Shower seats

Reinforced shower seats are great showering aids so users can sit down and shower easily without the help of others, maintaining dignity and increasing independence.

Rollator Walkers

Heavy duty rollator walkers allow obese people to be able to walk around their homes and outside using the support of the reinforced roller.


Hoists designed to take large weights can be used in the home to help get obese people in and out of bed or in and out of seats.

Pressure relief beds

Pressure relief beds are designed to relieve stress on joints and lessen the risk of things like bed sores which can be caused by spending long periods of time in bed.

Adjustable beds

Reinforced adjustable beds can be used with a remote control to gently raise users into a seated position, making it easier for them to get out of bed.

Remote controlled chairs

Sitting for long periods of time can become uncomfortable and cause aches and pains. Most people would deal with this problem by shifting around to find a comfortable position but this can be hard for obese people.

Remote control chairs help users to adjust their position to alleviate aches and pains and lessen the risks of medical conditions caused by long periods of sitting.

Accessible shower enclosures

Extra large shower enclosures can be fitted into bathrooms so that obese people can easily get in and out of the shower. These can also include grab rails, shower seats and anti slip floor strips to increase safety.

If you have an obesity problem or know someone who is struggling with obesity then try implementing some bariatric equipment to increase independence, maintain dignity and make life easier.